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15 May 2013

Shila Amzah Got Her Own China PR 

The 2012 Asian Wave Winner, Shila Amzah, is proudly announce that she has obtained permanent residence (PR) status in China. 

Announcing in Malaysia's radio station last week, Shila Amzah also said there fans happy to accept his presence might as hooded style and his way of singing that look different from what is offered solace there.

"I now sit (stay) in Shanghai - and since working there, I was able to PR (permanent resident status)," said Shila Amzah.

Shila Amzah disclosed this when she was invited to be featured artist in ERA.FM Top 40 Chart over the weekend after Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi asked about the frequency of his in and out of Malaysia.

Shila Amzah latest full album will be marketed in early June 2013 which will contain 6 songs all his own creation by Shila Amzah. - rotikaya